New GainCraft platform release 2.40


New GainCraft platform release 2.40

We are glad to introduce new functionality – the recording of the historical tester’s reports in the strategy itself. Saving the results of the strategy in the historical tester keeps the consistency between the strategy and its results, allows you to sort by success of various reports. Thus, giving a more convenient mechanism for working with strategies and analysis.

For example, you can take an already prepared strategy based on the built-in Martingale Wizard MartingaleExampleOct2017 , in which 3 reports are already built. To do this, open the strategy via “File” – “Import Draft ..” and select “Tools” – “Show Tester Report Data ..”:

As a result, you will see a table of strategy reports:

Dates – the dates on which the test was run

ProfitFactor – is the ratio of profit to loss

Profit – the absolute value of the profitability of the strategy in dollars

Pips – the yield of strategy in pips

Open Chart – opens all the charts for the instruments on which the strategy was executed, with simplified schedules Profit / Loss-a and Equity

Open Strategy – open a version of the visual strategy with the running parameters in the new tab

HT Params & Resuts – Opens detailed statistics for the report, tester settings, strategies, order distribution schedule

Delete – removes this report from the open strategy.

If you do not want to see it and add a new report of the historical tester, you just need to run the strategy on the historical tester and after the test, GainCraft will show you the tester report in which there will be a button for saving this report, when clicked, this report will be added to the rest reports.

Before closing the strategy, make sure that you have saved the strategy.

We hope that you will like this new functionality.

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