The GainCraft platform provides its indicators. We start collecting our own list of indicators, which can be quite interesting and effective for future strategies use.

The Bubble indicator uses inside ATR indicator. In established uptrends, prices bubble above the trend. In over heated markets these bubbles can extend well above the long term trendline. Bubble tops are difficult to pick exactly, but an entry made on the long term trend line, and an exit made when predefined financial targets have been met, is a conservative trading strategy. Traders who are late in seeing the opportunity can wait until the bubble collapses back to the long term trend line. Buy orders placed in advance at these levels are filled on the pullbacks. This approach is not appropriate where the underlying trend is also a bubble. A very steep trend building on a rapid long term trend breakout.


The CMA (Corrective Moving Average) is a line on the candles chart, that, is above the candles if the trend is down, or below the candle if the trend is up.


The DMA (double Moving Average (Ribbon Filled)) is based on several MA. The cloud of MA is build and when the cross of those internal MA happens, DMA change its trend.


The FChannels (Fractal Channels) is based on Fractal indicator. FChannels draws the channel on the minimum and maximum values of the fractal. Besides it exposes estimated signals. Very useful as a confirmatory signal.


The GANNHILO – Gann HiLo Activator. Developed by Robert Krausz, the Gann HiLo Activator is a trend-following

technical indicator used to help  determine the trend’s direction and to generate with-trend entry signals.The Gann HiLo Activator is a simple moving average of the previous three periods’ highs or lows. Based on the moving averages logic, it is a trend-following indicator used to reflect the market’s direction of movement. Within the trading system we mentioned earlier, the Gann HiLo activator is responsible for generating entry signals, but also helps determine stop-loss levels.


The GCTREND – it is one of trend indicators variation. Based on ATR and CCI indicators.


The Legging indicator – it is one of lagging indicators variation based on MACD. It tries to achieve a trend accurate balance.


The MADISPLACED –  Displaced Moving Average generates signals when price crosses the moving average: Go long when

price crosses to above the Displaced Moving Average from below. Go short when price crosses to below the Displaced Moving Average from above.


The TSI – True Strength Index is a momentum oscillator based on a double smoothing of price changes. Even tho ugh several steps are needed for calculation, the indicator is actually pretty straightforward. By smoothing price changes, TSI captures

the ebbs and flows of price action with a steadier line that filters out the noise. As with most momentum oscillators, chartists can derive signals from overbought/oversold readings, centerline crossovers, bullish/bearish divergences and signal line crossovers.


The MarketDepth Indicator shows the market depth distribution directly on chart in graph manner. In addition, it is possible to adjust the required Volume to the indicator parameter so the indicator with blue lines shows the availability of that Volume on certain price. It is highly recommended to use the indicator for manual and automated trading. This indicator allows to see the quality of spread and the real spread gap, also to see if provider has any problems with feed. With MarketDepth Indicator it is possible : to measure the provider liquidity, to check the probability position execution or possible slippage price. Each pair has a unique result of Market Depth. The very best use of indicator is the chart agrregation of 10 seconds, the MarketDepth the best view depends on the price scale.