The GainCraft platform provides its strategies both for the platform and Visual JForex View. You can observe the source, also visualize the view, test and change them freely before using on your real or demo Forex account. Our own testing results are also attached for your information. Nevertheless, You should be careful to use strategies, for other instruments/periods the strategy parameters should be changed and tuned accordingly. Even the default instrument behaviour can differ in time. All our strategies can be launched with other ones simultaneously, however, other orders from other strategies will not mix up with our own robots.

Bubble Snipe

The Bubble Snipe strategy compares Bubbles indicator values for the current candle and the previous one. In case BandsDown crosses Buffer line, strategy resolves it as a signal for trading.


FChannel Select

 If no opened positions, the The FChannel Select strategy checks FChannels for current Candle and previous one. In case of channels the first one is stable and second one is not, the strategy opens the position.


Meteor DMA

In the Meteor DMA strategy main indicator for signal entry is DMA. The strategy uses the last candles Up and Down Arrows results. The strategy checks if market volatility is enough for opening the position. In different case – it can be wrong moment for openning.


TSI Case

The TSI Case strategy uses TSI indicator, it gets values for 2 points: current and 4 candles back. In case if difference is lower than Lower Level value, than we do Sell signal, if more than High Level – we do produce Buy signal.

Martingale Wizard and PilgrimMartingale Strategy

The GainCraft platform impelemted the Martingale Wizard, so you can create in several clicks ready visual or common Martingale Strategy – additional info here. Also GainCraft has ready Pilgrim Martingale strategy.